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Black stone is a trade name for a variety of abundant black stones with a satiny, moderate gloss polish and natural cream-to-brown inclusions. Some varieties of black stone have been permanently dyed to enhance their natural color.

Beads carved from black stone make stunning, unusual centerpieces for beaded necklaces. Although striking when used in Southwestern and modern designs, black stone can be used in other settings. For example a design featuring a carved good fortune symbol bead as a centerpiece with various sized black cinnabar, crystal and black onyx beads and pewter squares as spacers for a beaded necklace that looks both classy and classical.

Product Details:

+ Gemstone:

+ Color:

+ Shape: Rondelle

+ Strand Length:

+ Size :

+ Thickness:

+ Treatment: Natural

+ Drill Orientation: Straight Drilled

+ Hole Size: 0.4mm

+ Approx. Beads:

+ Approx. Weight:

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